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ACI Philippines holds seminars/trainings 8-10 times every year with topics that aim to promote professional development especially among the new practitioners in the market. There is a market reading seminar as well as technical analysis. Derivatives seminars are also regularly offered for participants to better understand the products and the inherent risks associated with it. There are also topics for sales professionals as well as updates on recent regulatory directives. Code of Ethics and Conduct is also regularly offered.









ACI Philippines provides a forum where members can network and form professional relationships. Two dealers’ night are held every year with a third the annual Christmas Party. There are more formal gatherings like the annual general assembly meeting and the Convention proper where a speaker is invited.










ACI Philippines also regularly sponsors sports activities to promote the general fitness and well being of its members. Golf, Basketball, Billiards and Bowling tournaments are usual activities. There’s also the occasional badminton pick-up games and yoga classes











ACI Philippines is active in charity work giving out regularly donations to deserving institutions. There’s the yearly donation to St. Martin de Pores School. A one time donation to Habitat for humanity for the building of two classrooms in Tacloban , Leyte was also granted.

ACI also gives scholarship grants to deserving University of the Philippines students. Eight scholars are maintained every year with plans on increasing the number of scholars each year.





ACI Philippines is the official business organization of financial market professionals working in the Philippines and involved in foreign exchange, global fixed income and derivatives market.


ACI Philippines aims to promote development of financial markets through adoption of global best practices and continuing education of its members.


ACI Philippines through fund raising activities like movie premieres and savings gives scholarship grants to deserving University of the Philippines students.

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Days before the much talked about convention on the private island of Balesin, there were whispers of skepticism about how this convention would offer new surprises and would be different from previous conventions.

All things possible

I wish to apologze for not being there with you today… To coco, and the aci board, I know you had gone to great lengths to make sure the convention would run smoothly

Leo Rivera ACI Scholar

I’m sure all of us have dreams. Whether it be a simple dream of a career/profession, a dream home, a dream car, or a complex one like a future for your family and for yourself, these are all important things to aim for. But for students like me, dreams start with our dream schools.

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