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Corporate Social Responsibilty

ACI Philippines through fund raising activities like movie premieres and savings gives scholarship grants to deserving University of the Philippines students. To date two of the eight scholars that ACI supports have graduated, one with cumlaude distinction. ACI likewise gives regular aid to St. Martin de Porres School and provided donations to Habitat for Humanity for the building of a classroom in Tacloban.

Scholarship & Charity

The ACI is a non­revenue institution that extends a helping hand through supporting charities and providing scholarship programs. Through the years, the ACI has been successfully staging movie premiers, as well accepting generous contributions from various donors. With that, the institution is able to equip tertiary education to as much as 6 to 8 students in the University of the Philippines and annual donations to St. Martin De Porres Elementary School. Furthermore, ACI makes it a point to help cater to people and places that were affected by natural disasters such as Yolanda and Sendong.