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What we do

ACI Philippines aims to promote development of financial markets through adoption of global best practices and continuing education of its members. Seminars and trainings are regularly conducted to update members of regulatory changes and new product developments and enhance their capability and technical know-how.

ACI adheres to a code of conduct and ethics that are in line with global standards. Every market participant needs to pass a certification exam, which includes code of ethics, and conduct before being allowed to deal in the financial markets. ACI Philippines likewise sit on the Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP) open market committee and works closely with regulators to ensure that market professionals adhere to the highest level of ethical conduct.

ACI Philippines, likewise provides a forum where members can network and build working relationships with other market professionals. These may include dealers’ night, golf, basketball, billiards and bowling tournaments.

Networking Events For Members


ACI Philippines hosts annual networking events for its members to build professional working relationships. There’s the annual dealers’ night and ACI convention. There are also sports events like golf and basketball tournaments that promote not only fitness but healthy competition, and camaraderie.


ACI Philippines hosts two golf tournaments each year. There is the annual Inter financial Golf Tournament where ACI, Finex, MART and TOAP are pitted against each other. ACI/Mart Golf tournament is also an annual event that pits foreign exchange traders against money market dealers.

Dealers Night


ACI Philippines hosts dealers’ night every year, an informal gathering where members can network and interact. It’s a forum where professional relationships among members, important in financial dealings, are built and strengthened.

ACI Convention

The ACI Convention is a more formal forum where speakers are invited to speak on financial, economic or political matters that could impact the financial markets. Among the more notable speakers who have given speeches at this forum are Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, Prof. Solita Monsod and current BSP governor Amado Tetangco.


ACI Philippines hosts an annual basketball tournament for ACI members and Guest Non­ACI members. The pool of participants are usually divided into 6 teams through a drafting process supervised by the ACI sports committee.